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Make the next step and sell your products, around world!


At the Intralob Group, we emphasize not only to the aesthetic result but aim to develop a strong and secure scalable online store that will promote your products right to the public to maximize your profits!

Take the next step and sell your products, around world!

The Intralob Group, develops E-Shop on dynamic platforms that allow easy and functional navigation of the user, always based on international standards and safety regulations. Your online store will have easy navigation, secure markets and functionality, expanding your customer base beyond your natural location utilizing 100% of the internet capabilities.

Nowadays, a company needs to be accompanied by an e-shop which offers its customers a complete picture of it and its products. Take advantage of intelligent ways and offset the obligatory presence of a “brick and mortar” setting with an e-shop.

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  • Full compatibility with mobile devices
  • Management of infinite products and categories
  • Quick search for products and categories
  • Product Availability
  • Integration with Social Network
  • Checking stock levels for products
  • Shipping address management / billing
  • Order History
  • Multi-language system
  • Full technical support
  • Flexible price display (with or without taxes)
  • Ability to product comparison
  • Cloud zoom (enlarge photo)
  • Wish list
  • Refunds Programme Support
  • Gift Certificate Programme Support
  • Program Partner Support
  • Support program Tender
  • Store Statistics
  • Orders Management
  • Order Status Management
  • Multiple modes of payment
  • Multiple Ways shipment